How to Correct Federal Tax Returns?

Federal Tax Return

How to Correct Federal Tax Returns?

Turbotax is a software that lets you conveniently file a federal tax return without any disruption. Sometimes after filing a tax return, users recognize some necessary changes that need to be made to receive an accurate amount of refund. For example, you missed a tax credit that you are liable for or new information/revelations arise after you file a return. Also, if you missed an IRS 1099 form that is used to check the income you have acquired during the year, you will need to edit the tax returns. However, you cannot make changes to the originally filed tax return. In such scenarios, you have to file an amended tax return with all the necessary documents. 

Amend your Federal Tax Return via

Step1: Turbotax Login 

To file the amended return with Turbotax, firstly users have to perform the Turbotax login process. Hence, have a look at the below-mentioned procedure for Turbotax login in order to amend your return. 

  • Head to by typing it into the address bar correctly.
  • Once the web page is launched, you are requested to sign in to your account. For Turbotax login, provide your registered user id and password into their particular fields. 
  • Thereafter, click on the Sign In button. If you have given the accurate account details, you will be signed in successfully. 
  • Now, select Amend a tax return that was filed and accepted. 

Step 2. Collect all the essential documents

After Turbotax login, the next step is to gather all the documents such as 1099 form or W-2(Wage and Tax statement) with the originally filed return. Whether you seek a new deduction or tax credit, any evidence supporting your right to receive it will be beneficial. 

Step 3:  Download all the necessary forms and recognize the errors

From the Turbotax website, you need to download all the relevant forms for the same tax year you are amending. These forms will help you in rechecking your tax amount and you can easily configure which figures need to be changed on the original tax return. Also, you are not supposed to fill the entire tax return again. So, only provide those figures that are adjusted. 

Step 4 : Download the 1040X form 

Now, download the current 1040X form that you can easily find on the Turbotax website. It is a specific form that is issued by the IRS to those taxpayers who intend to amend their tax returns for any particular reason. 

Step 5: Fill the 1040X form with clear explanations

Once you have downloaded the form, fill the form with accuracy. Here you only need to provide the new or updated tax return details. You should attach all the forms in which certain modifications have been done with the supporting documents. Also, you will spot a space where you can write a proper reason for filing an amended return. Further, if you are liable to pay any additional tax, attach the tax bill also to avoid unnecessary interests or penalties. Now mail the amended return to the IRS. 

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