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HR (human resources) in Africa is where talent is found, hired and developed. Gone are the days when HR was labeled “bureaucrats”. The profession has evolved to be one of the most important functions in all kinds of businesses. As a result, it’s become a high-value profession, with more top talent coming in and driving up salaries and demand. Here are 3 reasons to consider a career in HR.

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Specialization HR is gradually becoming a specialized field, spanning multiple businesses such as recruitment in Africa, talent acquisition and sourcing, salary and compensation, learning and development, and diversity and inclusion. Specialization is relevant in the art of identifying, hiring and managing the “rare bird”. For example, “technically gifted” people such as engineers, managers, etc. Moreover, the HR profession is essential for any company. It is placed at the heart of the company’s technical and budgetary organization chart. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of HR executives reached $104,500/year in 2015, with an increase in the forecast by 2024. Influence As an HR expert in Africa, you can determine the direction of the company. The profiles to be recruited/hired by African HR managers can determine the success or failure of a company.

HR experts hold a special position because they understand the needs of the business better. They work with executives on African recruiting plans, make recommendations on staffing, and oversee the entire recruiting process from the first phone call to the job award (and beyond). Together with management, they determine the best employees to promote and retain. Being an HR expert means being close to people. Networking and meeting people is obviously at the heart of your job. You’ll have the opportunity to change the lives of the people you meet, defining their professional roles, connecting specially motivated people to companies recruiting in Africa that will activate their passion and give them rewarding work, and developing a multicultural workspace of opportunity, integration and innovation. In addition, HR leaders are well connected with influencers from all kinds of industries.

What developments for the HR function in Africa?

Trends and evolutions of the HR function in Africa

Studies are regularly conducted to identify trends and developments in human resources management practices and thus better understand the impact on the lives of companies and their employees. These trends can be applied at the local, national and regional levels and validated by the observation of companies and public structures in the field.

Benefits for the company

The ability of an organization to correctly associate employees and positions, based on the skills mastered and required, is a key success factor to ensure both its sustainability and its performance.

By developing greater objectivity in the processes of promotion, transfer, selection or identification of the skills needed for today’s operations, but also the skills that will be needed tomorrow, private and public organizations become more agile and competitive.

The use of competency models within the human resources management process allows the HRD to play a more strategic role within its organization.



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