NEC Lets Customers do UC Their Way


Flexible approach to PBX, cloud and hybrid means customers don’t have to make either-or decision between on-prem and cloud solutions.

While many companies look to swiftly add UC features to their capabilities, they also don’t want to lose their investment in PBX systems, which already provides them with strong telephony capabilities. The move from on-premise to hybrid and cloud communications systems has left companies committed to PBX under-supported and feeling marooned in a cloud-oriented world, as many PBX vendors have pulled out of the market. However, the reality is that on-premise systems still account for the greatest market share of UC, and PBX still has several years of headroom in the market.

Figures from consulting firm MZA show 54% of systems are on-premise, while 46% are cloud-based. Eastern Management Group has also reported that PBX will remain the largest selling UC platform, accounting for 40% of all UC sales in 2022. It’s clear that PBX is here to stay longer than expected, and this is because it is still a strong option for businesses that require greater control of their SMB phone systems.

Choice is the key

In spite of the characterisation that all in the market are terminating on-premise solutions and moving to cloud solutions, it’s important to recognise that this doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. Companies can retain their PBXs and maximise the value of their investments in these, while adopting cloud features and gaining greater flexibility. Companies can move towards the cloud at their own pace, retaining PBX features such as enormous scalability and control, while reaping cloud benefits.

NEC, which has led all vendors in the global SMB segment – those with less than 100 extensions – for seven years, according to MZA, is pursuing this flexible strategy. The company’s customers can now choose from a comprehensive portfolio that extends from fully on-premises infrastructure to a 100% public cloud subscription-based solution, and anything in between in a hybrid working model.

“MZA’s recent report highlights our success as a leader in enterprise communications,” said Andrew Cooper, NEC Sales Director.

“It is a clear recognition of the strength of our offering and the ability to serve with our Business Partners, our customers worldwide with excellent solutions and services. With our strong foothold in business communications and the flexibility we provide customers with to add newest cloud services to support their increasingly hybrid workforce, I look forward to prolonging our market leadership for many years to come”

Customer choice is enabled by the expansion of NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE UCaaS and CCaaS offerings that complement its on-premise portfolio. This is further extended by a new offering called UNIVERGE CONNECT BRIDGE, which offers customers an easy path to hybrid or full cloud solutions. This is ultimately aimed at providing a platform-agnostic solution to link cloud, hybrid and PBX solutions, enabling customers to protect their investments and drive value from their digital transformations.

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