1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment: Serviced Accommodation Investment


A serviced accommodation investment turned into a dynamic hospital scene. It is flexible and produces higher rental returns. It is appealing to many travelers.

The key aspects of a 1 bedroom serviced apartment hong kong are:

  • occupancy rates
  • mortgage options

Investing in serviced accommodation is worthy.

Serviced accommodation

A serviced accommodation is a fully furnished property. It is like a flat or a house. The apartment has several areas, such as:

  • kitchen
  • living area
  • separate bedrooms


The serviced accommodation offers guests the convenience of:

  • space
  • privacy
  • flexibility

Serviced apartments are a hit of comfortable and convenient stay. It has added perks, such as:

  • housekeeping
  • maintenance

A bedroom serviced apartment is popular lodging for different people, such as:

  • business professionals
  • tourists
  • people needing temporary housing

The lodgings deliver a homelike environment. It is a hassle-free alternative to a standard hotel stay.

Investing in a serviced apartment

There are many reasons a serviced apartment real estate is a wise choice of investment. These are the main reasons for investing in a serviced apartment:

  • Growing demand. The demand for short-term rentals is surging. It emphasizes the attractive investment in serviced accommodation. Modern travelers opt for flexibility and comfort. Travelers experience a personalized and homely experience of stay.
  • Versatility. The versatility of a 1 bedroom serviced apartment attracts a range of guests. 1-bedroom serviced apartment offers adaptable occupancy rates. It has a reliable income stream. Adaptability is a strategic advantage for investors.
  • Higher profit return. Being a rental property option is a high-profit return. It has a flexible rental approach resulting in a reliable substantial income. The higher rental returns are supported by adjustable rates. Investors can command premium rates.
  • Home-like environment. Serviced apartments are crafted in a homely setting. It has a fully equipped kitchen and a separate living space. The feature satisfies guests seeking a more comfortable stay. The well-furnished kitchen lets guests have the convenience of home-cooked meals. The distinct living space enhances privacy. It surpasses the standard hotel experience.

The future of real estate investment

Roomy feel

Nothing can beat the comfort of a serviced apartment on the arrival of a long trip. The large living area of the apartment has a convenient room to relax. A 1-bedroom serviced apartment is 30% larger than the hotel rooms. It is an excellent choice for people like families.

The standard features of serviced residences are:

  • kitchen
  • living room
  • bedroom

Ideal for family vacations

Traveling with the family is not easy. You can make family vacations stress-free with the convenient services. Serviced accommodations have enough space for 1-2 kids. Although it is a 1-bedroom serviced apartment, the space is large.

The serviced apartments are ideal for vacationers because of various services:

  • Plays spaces
  • Pools
  • BBQ areas
  • Adult spa
  • Sauna

At its best housekeeping

Staying at home deals with difficulties in cleaning up daily. The serviced apartment offers elegance while receiving excellent cleaning services.

A serviced apartment investor is under the guidance of a real estate investment. You have a preferred accommodation option without dealing with the maintenance of the apartment.

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