Cross Border Wealth Management And Financial Planning


Cross Border Wealth is an investment advisory firm with a global perspective. The firm was born from a need to create a new type of investment advisor. Most financial firms focus on working only in the United States, but Cross Border Wealth focuses on investing like a global citizen.

Choosing a service provider

Despite its importance, cross-border health care is not well documented in health literature. Nonetheless, the amount of medical services that are provided across borders is enormous, and it can put a considerable financial burden on some countries. For example, Spain receives a large number of foreign patients from the European Union. The country’s health care system provides the same level of care to EU nationals as it does to its own citizens.

When choosing a service provider like Cardinal Point for cross border health management, it’s essential to consider access to care in both countries. This means ensuring that the health care system is efficient, accessible, and affordable. While each of these dimensions is important, others may be more important than others.

Finding a firm with regional presences

Cross-border wealth management and financial planning requires specialized knowledge. These services can have a profound effect on a client’s financial life. For example, foreign bank account reporting and passive foreign investment corporations can present significant challenges. Fortunately, there are a number of firms with international presences that can help you navigate these issues.

In Asia, wealth management is a growing market, with Asians seeking high-touch relationships with wealth managers. With this growth comes stiff competition among wealth management players. Global insurers and wealth managers are establishing regional presences in countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.

To provide the best possible service to clients, cross-border financial planners must have specialized knowledge and education. They need to be familiar with the different laws and regulations that govern international planning. This will help them avoid pitfalls and limit their exposure to liabilities. They must also establish relationships with other financial service professionals, such as immigration attorneys, CPA firms, and bankers.

Creating a global balance sheet for cross-border clients

For cross-border clients, creating a global balance sheet is important early in the relationship. This tool helps an advisor track the client’s assets, liabilities, and equity, and help them set realistic goals and mitigate risks. Cross-border clients also face unique strategy issues, including determining how long they will stay in a foreign country.

Keeping global financial flexibility

As global financial markets increasingly integrate non-bank financial institutions, cross-border financial centres have become a vital part of the global financial system. While the development of cross-border financial centres has many benefits, it also poses numerous challenges. For instance, they have imposed significant competitive pressure on national financial centers, resulting in reduced innovation and quality of services. Moreover, they facilitate regulatory arbitrage and obscure risks, further undermining global efforts to enhance international financial intermediation.

Traditionally, cross-border financial centres have been driven by differences in taxation and regulation. These differences have played a larger role in recent years. In addition, the growth of cross-border financial centres has created a growing need for cross-border banking and other forms of financial intermediation.

The cross-border financial center model was originally a form of regulatory arbitrage. By exploiting differences in regulatory treatment, affiliates abroad could offer higher interest rates to depositors and lower interest rates to borrowers. Some of the relevant regulations included deposit insurance premiums and ceilings on deposit rates.


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