Here Are 10 Ways You Can Enjoy Thanksgiving on a Budget


It may make you nervous this Thanksgiving if your finances are tight. This holiday season, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Make your Thanksgiving more affordable and enjoyable with these 10 simple tips.

1. Make sure you avoid Turkey that is branded

Thanksgiving is usually the most expensive because of the turkey. Buy frozen turkeys from the store brand to save money. There is often no difference in taste or quality between generic and name brands. You can find more information at

2. Simplicity is key

Keep your pantry stocked with everyday spices, tomatoes, canned vegetables, corn, potatoes, and more! Taking inventory of your current possessions is a good idea before you go shopping.

3. Make your own food

It is a well-known fact that we pay for convenience, and despite the temptation of instant mashed potatoes, it is much cheaper and easier to make the mashed potatoes from scratch. Plus, it is much more enjoyable to cook together and share the load when you have a team up with you!

4. Don’t be afraid to borrow

No roasting pan large enough?  If you have friends or family who have these items, ask if you can borrow them. You might even find many of the tools you need at your local thrift store!

5. Keep leftovers in mind

Make a little extra so you have enough leftovers to get the most out of your holiday budget. With this, you have the option of making lunches and dinners for the next day or two without having to worry about shopping and cooking! The best thing about leftover turkey and dressing sandwiches is that they are delicious!

6. Make use of local food pantries

Many of your needs can be met through local food pantries! Do you need to find a pantry in your area?

7. Don’t wait to shop

The holiday is just a few days away, so the stores are crowded with shoppers. Now is the time to shop for the items you want and need! Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for most stores!

8. Use what is in season or buy frozen/ canned foods

You can often get cheaper goods with the same freshness by buying canned or frozen goods! You can use fresh seasonal produce, such as squash, instead of traditional green bean casserole.

9. List the items

Keep a shopping list with you when you go to the store. All of us know how quickly impulse purchases can accumulate.

10. Take part in the cost sharing

It’s no secret that holiday meals can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be borne by one person alone. Delegate a dish to a family member attending the feast to share the cost!

The following tips will help you throw a feast that your family and friends will love without spending a fortune.

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