Is catnip helpful for cats?


What is catnip?

Catnip stimulates playful behaviour in many cats, and it is perfect if your pet hasn’t been in a good mood lately.

Catnip is scientifically known as nepeta cataria and is a herbaceous perennial plant. The dried catnip plant looks like oregano, but this plant is a member of the mint family. This plant is native to Europe, Africa and Asia and now it grows like a weed in almost every region.

A good catnip plant has heart-shaped leaves and it can bloom in several colours, like white, pink, blue and lavender.

Impacts of catnips on cats

Catnip has an essential oil ingredient in it called nepetalactone which is thought to mimic the feline pheromones. Researchers consider that this essential oil present in the catnip helps cats to enjoy a euphoric reaction. There is nothing to worry about the euphoric level because it does not last long; it stays for 20 minutes to 30 minutes maximum.

Once your cat sniffs the catnip it will have some stimulating effects. For example, it may purr, meow, roll on the ground, drool and zip about. If your kitty ends up ingesting a little bit of the catnip there is nothing to worry about, it is going to make him/her feel sleepy and relaxed.

Is catnip safe to use with cats?

When catnip is used in limited quantities there is nothing to worry about but if your cat consumes a lot of it, he/she might start vomiting or get a tummy upset. The good thing about cats is that they are self-regulator animals and won’t overfit the quantity of the catnip, but still, it is a good idea to keep an eye on them while they are using it.

As long as catnip is used as an occasional treat for the cat it is fine. Besides, too much use will stop having an effect.

A few interesting facts you need to know about catnip;

  • Catnip is a herbal mosquito repellent for cats. Sadly, it’s not powerful when used on human skin
  • Some people treat nausea or headaches with catnip tea. It’s additionally regarded to assist with insomnia
  • You may make a paste out of dried catnip to wounds by crushing it up and adding a bit of water
  • Catnip comes in many forms—dried, fresh, pressed into solid balls, and in sprays. However, the sprays tend to be much less potent than dried catnip, but they are beneficial for spritzing scratching posts and freshening up toys
  • You can even purchase catnip bubbles. Although I have to say, I attempted this one, and Zoe became no longer a fan, but perhaps other cats will disagree
  • There are many catnip toys in the marketplace too. However, you can also make your homemade cat toys

Catnip is usually beneficial for cats and can have some interesting advantages. If you are confused about what amount of catnip to use for kitty then talk about this with your vet.

Moreover, get cat insurance if you don’t have a policy. In the event of pet health issues and injuries, pet insurance will help. With this backup security plan, you don’t have to roam around cat worrisome all the time. Get your hands on catnip and help your furry buddies to enjoy a euphoric time.

Beulah Kshlerin

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