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Max Otte is a famous economist, conservative political activist, fund manager, and book author. Otte has initially been born in Plettenberg, Germany, in the year 1964. He completed his schooling at Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium Plettenberg in the year 1983.


Max Otte got his Ph.D. from Princeton University in the year 1997. The subject of his published thesis was German Foreign Policy. He also worked as an assistant professor at Boston University for 2 years. Later in 2001, he became the International Business Administration professor at the University of Applied Sciences.

His written book named Der Crash kommt gave him the ultimate popularity that he is known for now. After this book published in the year 2006, it correctly predicted some large-scale financial severe crisis worldwide. These predicted crises eventually became real, and that is what made Max Otte famous in the field of economy.

Otte is really regarded as one of the best economists out there at present. He also goes by the name ‘cash prophet’ as most of his predictions on the economy come true most of the time. In the year 2009, he advised people to buy stocks. He got the award of money manager of the year in 2009. It was voted by readers of Borse Online, which happens to be a stock market journal. He got more than 40% of the total votes in that year.

In the year 2010, Max advised Southern European countries to come out of Eurozone for various reasons. He always happens to be in favor of the proper and systematic regulations of the financial markets. He also thinks that sufficient equity capital is to strengthen the liabilities and thus constitute the basis for returning to the banks’ right behavior in the economy.

More on Otte

Max Otte has written for different newspapers on different occasions. Some of these newspapers are Financial Times Deutschland, Harvard Business Review and Wirtschaftsdienst, The Times, etc. On the other hand, he has also published various articles. Apart from these, he has also appeared in different television shows with multiple broadcasters like Bloomberg, N24, ZDF, n-TV, ARD, etc. All these interviews and appearances have made him a public figure over the years.

At present, Otte happens to have both German as well as American citizenships. He is now living in Cologne. In his famous book, ‘A Rising Middle Power,’ max discusses different avenues of Germany’s foreign policies in the last several years. This book’s subject was something that created a stir in the German market economy, which led to bringing him so much popularity for an economist.

Otte has really done all he could do to reform the market economy and different financial policies and systems of Germany and the world. Whatever he envisioned came to be valid to some extent, sooner or later. He is a respected economist around the world. His works, ideals, visions, and predictions are something that has made him what he is now.

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