Skills Women Entrepreneur Needs to Start a Business


The global pandemic, Covid-19, resulted in an unprecedented loss of employment globally. Millions of women and men lost their jobs. But women were those that got hit the hardest.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the case for women in business community. According to World Bank reports, one in three businesses globally are owned and ran by women.

Girls’ and women’s empowerment is important to economic development and growth. In order to be a successful woman entrepreneur, you will need to have and learn the following skills:


It will help a lot if you have good oral and written communication skills so that you can sell your services and products. This, combined with computer skills, will help to make proposals, reports, and ppts, to name a few.

You must as well be familiar with some skills of communicating online to handle or manage social media platforms. With these skills, you can also learn how you can promote your business by using social media to your advantage.

Networking Skills

Having a strong network is important for professionals but indispensable for founders. Because only a few women are in senior positions, they don’t have a strong network like male founders.

But it is still important for women to take more time to network. This needs to include taking part in discussions, networking intentionally, and listening actively. Remember that entrepreneurship is usually a long journey. So it is best to approach the entrepreneurship journey without expecting results immediately from your networks.

Towering Integrity

Integrity means doing what is right always. In the world of business, integrity is an important virtue to remain successful. Because women are naturally developed to take good care of their families, they do what is right for their families.

Plus, they don’t hesitate to take hard steps if that will improve their families. So that means businesswomen with more integrity do well in the world of business.

Confidence in Taking Risks

Being a woman entrepreneur simply means you should be ready to take risks. For that, you must have the confidence to speak up for everything you believe in. A positive attitude is important. With that said women entrepreneurs should weigh the advantages and disadvantages properly and then calculate the risks.

In order to have self-confidence, start by giving yourself a positive affirmation. You should also celebrate every milestone and set attainable goals regardless of how small they are.

Branding and Marketing

Business is more than just selling and buying services or products online. If people know nothing about your services or products, how can they buy them?

Customer expectations are ever-changing. And with this, business ideas are also changing. Customers these days want to buy services or products from the people they trust.

A business with a brand value may successfully show its purpose and intent. This is why women entrepreneurs need to be familiar with the basics of marketing and building a brand to survive in the world of business.

The Bottom Line!

If you miss either of these skills, it is not rocket science to acquire them by practicing as you do business. If you don’t know where to start, a simple search on Google can help a lot.

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