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People are now addicted to many social media apps, and Instagram is one of them. In the Instagram story section, you can put any photo video or anything you want. People connect with their friends or meet new people and watch each other stories. Sometimes people want to save their story on their gallery, and some want to download another person or friend’s story, but they don’t know the way instagram stories download it.

Way of downloading own Instagram stories:

  • First, go to your action section, and look at the current story you want to download. If you want to download your previous day’s stories, go through to your old story archive section to view your older story.
  • Second, when you see your story on the top options, you will find a symbol related to download and tap on it, so your story is starting to download. Some instagram stories download to save your story with music, or some don’t.
  • If you want all your stories to get saved automatically in the gallery, the camera roll option is present in the Instagram set. After opening the option, all your stories get automatically saved in your gallery.
  • If you want to save your Instagram story for the future but don’t wanna download it so you can view it in your archive option, or you can save your stories on your highlight option. Your highlight option stores all your highlighted stories. Post your story publically, and then the story gets saved automatically until you delete it.

Way of saving another person stories:

  1. The easiest way of saving someone else story is a screenshot or screen recording. If you want to save someone’s picture from the story, you can choose the screenshot option, and if you want to save a video, you can do a screen recorder.
  2. You can also use any other web tool for it. There are many sites available like story saver. After visiting the site, put in the username and then view their story or download it easily. Don’t use anyone’s story illegally, and it can become a big problem for you if you go for instagram stories download, especially in the case of another person.
  3. You can also contact the person who put the story and ask them about sharing their content with you. There is a different app for downloading stories on pc or iPhone. You can search about the site on google and then use it.
  4. Sometimes, people want to save some reels from the story, but they don’t know-how. You have to tap on the story, and the actual reel option occurs then, so you can also get that reel on your story after saving.

Saving and downloading someone else’s story is not legal; if you use that story with your name or use it wrongly, things can become hard for you. If you want to help someone and want to see some useful content, you can download another person’s story but always prefer to get permission from the store owner. If you want to download or save your story, you can do anything without perm.  visit the site for full details

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