The Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Payment Checks  


Personal checks are considered a convenient and secure payment form that most retailers, businesses, and financial institutions accept. Individuals are given control over their funds, allowing them to write checks for various purposes, such as paying bills, purchasing groceries, or making donations. In addition, personal bank checks provide a tangible record of financial transactions, which is valuable for monitoring spending and managing budgets. The article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using these checks and how they can be used in e-commerce.

What are Personal Checks?

Personal payment checks are a payment instrument that allows individuals to make payments to other people or businesses. They are printed with the payer’s name, address, and bank account information. Personal bank checks are usually drawn on a checking account, which is a type of bank account that allows for the convenient withdrawal of funds for everyday expenses.

Types of Personal Payment Checks

There are several different types of personal payment checks, including:

  • Printed checks: These are pre-printed checks that can be purchased from a bank or check printing company.
  • Computer checks: These are printed on a personal computer using check-printing software.
  • Manual checks: These are checks that are written by hand.

How to Use These Checks

To use a personal bank check, the payer writes the check to the recipient, specifying the amount to be paid. The recipient can then deposit the check into their bank account or cash it at their bank. It’s important to note that the funds from a personal check may take several days to clear, depending on the payer’s and recipient’s banks.

Personal Bank Checks in E-commerce

In recent years, personal bank checks have been used less frequently in e-commerce. However, some online retailers still accept personal payment checks as a form of payment.

Advantages of Using Personal Bank Checks in E-commerce

  • Convenient: Personal bank checks can be sent by mail or delivered in person, making them a convenient choice for those who don’t want to use a credit or debit card online.
  • Secure: These checks are a secure form of payment, as they require the recipient’s signature before they can be cashed.
  • No additional fees: Unlike credit or debit card transactions, personal bank checks do not typically incur additional fees.

Disadvantages of Using Personal Bank Checks in E-commerce

  • Processing time: Personal drafts or checks can take several days to clear, which can delay the shipment of purchased items.
  • Limited acceptance: Not all online retailers accept personal bank checks, so they may not be a viable option for all online purchases.
  • Risk of fraud: There is always a risk of fraud when sending personal drafts/checks through the mail, as the recipient could potentially alter the check or steal the funds.


In conclusion, personal checks are a traditional payment form that has been used for decades. Although their use has declined recently, they remain a popular choice for many people. Personal payment checks can be used in e-commerce. However, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing. Overall, personal bank checks can be a convenient and secure option for those who prefer to avoid using credit or debit cards online.


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