The Future of Crypto Mixing: Innovations and Advancements in Privacy Solutions


Please send us your cryptocurrencies and we will refund you the coins that will have no connection with your original transaction. The process is simple – you will get pure bitcoins.

Clean and fresh bitcoins will be delivered to your address after one confirmation, unless you decide to delay your payment. In this case, the delay will start counting from the moment your buyer receives 1 confirmation of your transaction.

How does crypto mixing impact the fungibility of cryptocurrencies?

We charge a service fee of 0.0% and a transaction fee of 0.00002 BTC for each billing address.

The minimum amount for the merger is 0.002 BTC. The maximum amount at the moment is 230.0 BTC.

We keep mix logs for seven days for customer support. If you do not want your mix to be saved, it is recommended to delete it after delivery to the recipient’s address. Otherwise, the logs will be automatically deleted after seven days.

If you have any problems with your mixture or you have suspicions that something is going wrong, please contact us via the support page. Our team is always ready to help you and provide a first-class experience using our service.

The role of decentralized exchanges in crypto mixing

Crypto mixing is one of the best bitcoin scramblers, offering also the possibility of mixing other cryptocurrencies. This allows users to send and receive coins of different types, thereby increasing anonymity. You can set up a time delay of up to 24 hours to make transactions indistinguishable. A transaction fee of 0.0005 is charged for each additional address.

Crypto mixing currently only supports Bitcoin mixing, but plans to offer Ethereum mixing in the future. The service has received positive reviews on such popular platforms as , BTC News and The Next Web. The interface of the service is very modern and user-friendly, allowing users to fully control every aspect of mixing. Registration is not required, and a mixing code is provided to confirm freshness and the impossibility of communication with previous operations. Crypto mixing is one of the leaders in the cryptocurrency mixer industry, allowing users to mix Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and soon Ethereum. The service interface is easy to use and allows the user to control the amount of commission, delay and distribution of funds. The commission is from 0.5% to 5% and a transaction fee is added to the blockchain. The mixer also provides a “power meter” that displays the degree of anonymity of mixing based on the selected parameters.

Why is it necessary to mix cryptocurrencies?

Initially, bitcoin was considered as an anonymous means of financial transactions. However, in the modern cryptocurrency environment, most platforms have lost their privacy in favor of compliance with international norms and laws on digital assets. Most platforms are required to verify the identity of users (KYC) and disclose information to third parties.

This may cause concern for crypto users and investors. You may not want others to know how many bitcoins you have, how much you earn and how you spend your funds. Your financial privacy is your own business. Therefore, mixing cryptocurrencies can be an important step to preserve privacy.

There are three main characteristics that you should pay attention to:

  1. Advantages. The Bitcoin mixer should offer customizable rates for users.
  2. Security. The service must have a good reputation in the field of security.
  3. Convenience. Bitcoin mixers should be easy to use.

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