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The first thing you would be thinking of when you decide to opt for car insurance would be the type of insurance you should opt for. You could find various types of insurance coverages and opt for the right type of coverage based on various factors. However, if you are looking for the best cheap NY car insurance coverages, you could check out the insurance coverages offered by the NY insurance agency New York depending on the vehicle and budget. Read on to find out five different types of coverages in detail.

  •         Liability insurance

It covers you when you are in a car accident. It would determine that the accident would be a result of your actions. Liability insurance would cover the cost of repairing any damage to property by an accident as well as medical bills from some injuries. Most states would have a minimum requirement for the amount of liability insurance coverage the drivers of vehicles should have. If you can easily afford it, it would be a good decision that you might make by opting for liability insurance that stands above the minimum liability coverage requirement of the state. It would be able to provide the much-needed protection when you are found at fault for an accident as you would be responsible for any claims that would exceed your coverage’s upper limit. 

  •         Collision coverage

Collision coverage is applicable only in case of a covered accident. It would pay for the repairs to your car. If the car is totaled (the cost of repair would exceed the total value of your vehicle) in an accident, collision coverage would pay the value of your car. If the car is older, it might not be worth having collision coverage on it based on the value. If you have a more expensive car or a new car, collision coverage could help in getting back to where you were before any damages occurred to your car. 

  •         Comprehensive coverage

If something happens to your girl that is unrelated to a covered accident like damage due to bad weather or a stolen car, comprehensive coverage would help you. This could be great insurance if it fits your budget. Tracking devices on cars and anti-theft could make the coverage more affordable. However, carrying this type of insurance could be costly. 

  •         Personal injury protection

When comprehensive coverage might be something that people would prefer less, personal injury protection (PIP) is something you should opt for. The expenses linked with an accident might quickly add up and to cover such costs, personal injury protection could be a good choice. This coverage would apply to your and other passengers’ medical bills, no matter who was at fault for the accident. However, one of the major disadvantages is that this coverage is not available in all the states.

  •         Medical payments coverage

If the passengers or the family members who are driving in the insured vehicle get injured in an accident, medical payments coverage could help in paying for the costs that are associated with the injury that occurred to the driver or the passengers. The covered costs might include hospital visits, X-rays, surgery and so on. This coverage is mandatory in some states and remains optional in other states. 

  •         Underinsured or uninsured motorist protection

The state laws have made it mandatory that all drivers should be insured. However, this might not be the situation every time. Another issue that might crop up would be that a driver might have liability insurance but many states would have lower minimum requirements for coverage which would be less to cover the complete expenses in case of an accident. If someone is legally responsible for damages related to an accident, you will not receive any payment if they do not have coverage. You might also receive a lesser amount than you would need to cover the cost of damages if the damages exceed the coverage amount they have opted for. In such situations, uninsured and under-insured motorist protection could help with the expenses. 

  •         Gap insurance

The car value might quickly reduce as new cars come into the market. An auto insurance settlement would not suffice when it comes to covering the cost of a loan. This insurance can help out some drivers to cover the amount owed on a car loan after theft or a total loss.

  •         Labor and towing insurance

This would be available if you already have comprehensive car insurance. In such cases towing and labor insurance would reimburse you for towing and for the labor costs to repair the vehicle.  

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