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Are you confused about how to cover yourself with insurance and calculate terms? This article will explain all about insurance terms and give some tips to take the good and the best plan for you.  

During this period of time, life is unpredictable and we can not say anything about ourselves or our health. When you and your family are facing difficult situations, an insurance policy can provide protection. 

What is term insurance?

You can use your term insurance policy as a financial aid in case you become incapacitated. It is possible to obtain very high life insurance coverage at a very low cost with term insurance. There are multiple benefits of a term insurance policy.

How much term insurance do you need?

In many cases, people work on assumptions based on thumb rules are 10X or 15X of annual income or maybe even 20X. All these thumb rules sometimes leave you under confusion. 

There are multiple useful term insurance calculator available online which helps you calculate the exact amount of term insurance cover that you need.

Some calculating factors that need to be considered:


The most important factor for term insurance is age, which matters more than anything else. As you age decide what premium you will have to pay. Your early thirties or late twenties are when you are on your way to becoming the breadwinner of your family. There are more liabilities on your balance sheet than assets. Your assets and liabilities will balance out as you earn and save more. As a result, you require higher health care coverage and lower insurance coverage as you age. Getting higher coverage at an affordable rate is possible due to your young age. If you are young and healthy, you will pay a lower premium and vice versa, unless you work in a dangerous field. 

Current Expenses 

Basically, income sources should depend on expenses but nowadays all are busy to prove himself/herself to society and wants their prestige to be showcased on a higher level than they are at financially. If you can manage your basic requirements by needs other than desire then you can protect your family with small-term insurance by some calculation. Then it can be very easy to secure your future for those who care about you and your value. 


The amount of loan you will be required to pay through your insurance coverage is another factor to consider in addition to household expenses and children’s education. Today, it is strongly recommended by financial institutions to ensure a loan you are taking, whether it is a mortgage loan, a car loan, or any other type of loan. Unfortunate circumstances are not grounds for cancelling the loan. 

Insurance premium 

Insuring your life with a term insurance policy requires you to pay the premiums on a periodic basis. While getting fully covered against any eventuality is a good idea, people sometimes buy more than they can afford and end up buying more than they need. When selecting a premium amount, you need to consider your budget. Moreover, any failure to make premium payments can lead to a lapse in your policy, leaving you unprotected from financial loss. 

These are the main basic factors that need to consider for calculating the term insurance policy. Also, use a term insurance calculator which can help you plan better.

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