What Are Cryptocurrencies And How To Trade In Them


The word “cryptocurrency” is derived from the encryption techniques which are used to secure a network. A cryptocurrency is a digital form or virtual form of currencies. They have evolved networks based on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are generally not issued by the central government or central authority of any country.

The cryptocurrency had its onset in 1991, which didn’t work out because back then it wasn’t a decentralized system. The real spike began when Satoshi Nakamoto (address given to creator/s of bitcoin) released a white paper in 2008, which stated how cryptocurrency can change the definition of transactional privacy.

Crypto trading is open to everyone and since it’s a public ledger, it is highly transparent & secure. Today you can start investing with a reliable crypto app and keep track of your favourite cryptocurrencies. First three things you should always check before trading in cryptocurrencies or downloading the app.

1) High Security:- Your dime & your excitement for crypto is important. Make sure you invest them somewhere safe. The app that you install, should be checked for security. You can check which brands, sponsors etc. the app is affiliated to. Go through the certifications, licenses the app has provided on their website.

2) Real-time Data:- Whichever app you are downloading, always look for real-time data and information, this will make sure you are not using outdated information to trade or make an investment. Always, check the trading volume so it will help you to buy and sell coins without any delay. For example, Exactly one year ago the bitcoin value was around 7 lakhs but now the price is about to reach 25 lakhs. Hence, real-time data is important for buying and selling crypto coins.

3) Availability in your area:- Always check if the app which you are downloading is available in your region.

After checking the above reason before trading now let’s see what you would need to trade in any cryptocurrency.

Keep an eye on crypto charts! This should always be your priority before making investment decisions. You can read the chart as it would give an idea of whether to buy or sell any coins you have invested or supposed to invest in. So this is also crucial while trading in the crypto market.

Today we have the option to select the best crypto wallet. Back in 2009 when bitcoin was growing, accessing bitcoin wasn’t that common or easy. Bitcoin was new and popular among few people.

Lastly, make sure you have to keep your excitement high. Investing in crypto is exciting because crypto is highly volatile. Though you can always keep a tab on crypto markets, charts & draw out your studied predictions. This is really a huge gossip on crypto forums & podcasts today. Cryptocurrencies are the future as it has impacted not only the finances but also has given a platform to creators and gamers.


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