Who Prepares the Share Certificates in a Company?


When you first finalize the incorporation of your company, you will have to hand out share certificates. As your company thrives, you might also desire to boost more capital to operate your business by selling fractions of your corporation via shares.

To put it simply, a share certificate is an assurance that verifies your shares of a corporation, and that you are a certified shareholder of that corporation. As an investor, you will realize that these certificates are now electronically placed into your Central Depository (CDP) accounts rather than receiving a hardcopy paper. Note that you can issue Share Certificates for Singapore Companies that are just for private limited companies. If the firm that you have purchased is publicly recorded, you will be publishing the electronic version rather.

If you are beginning a new corporation, you will first need to publish a share certificate when your company is being integrated. After that, you issue Share Certificates for Singapore Companies and when you release, you transfer or sell shares of your firm.

What Information do you require to include in a Share Certificate?

  1. The corporation’s name
  2. The corporation’s registration number
  3. The council under which the firm is comprised
  4. The date the certificate was published
  5. The corporation’s registered address
  6. The shareholder’s name and address
  7. Amount of shares being published
  8. The class of lots
  9. Whether the shares are completely or partially paid up
  10. The amount (if any) unpaid on the shares

Do Shareholders require to completely paying for the Shares Bought Upfront?

Not inevitably.

A shareholder can reimburse for shares either fully or partway. If the shareholder has completely paid for the shares, it will relate completely to the shareholder. Note that shareholders can select to expend for only a percentage of the whole shares but still collect a share certificate that notes the total amount of shares acquired. In these cases, the share certificate should suggest whether the shares have been solely paid for, to underrate any miscommunications and legal outcomes.

Who Prepares the Share Certificates in a Company?

A company secretary prepares the share certificates for a business. Hence, it is extremely crucial to assure you have an experienced company secretary like Hey Sara that can read and publish the certificates. The actual copy of a share certificate can be maintained with the corporation by the company secretary as well.

The company secretary will be on duty for organizing the shares certificates, which moreover implies this individual will be accountable for the regulatory courses that arrive with this responsibility. The individual should moreover have a clear record of all the shareholders in the corporation’s registry and how many shares each of them clasp.

We understand that it can be hard to discover a trusted company secretary to deal with all your business’s crucial documents, further so if you are a new entrepreneur. At Hey Sara, we assign a dedicated secretary and a nominee director to cater to your needs, so that you will not have to bother about obedience issues but the emphasis is on governing your company.


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