5 situations when you need a worker’s compensation lawyer in AZ


Filing a worker’s compensation claim in Arizona can be stressful. An on-the-job injury can be scary, and if you have suffered severe damage, you may need a long time to recover and heal. Instead of struggling with understanding your rights and figuring out what to do next, consider seeking legal help. Find a lawyer here if you need a free assessment of your case. Below are five situations when you definitely need an attorney.

  1. Your claim has been denied: There are several reasons why the insurance claim can deny your worker’s compensation claim. The representative may say that the injury was reported late or wasn’t related to the work you do. They may also deny a case based on how the claimant dealt with the situation. Get an attorney when your claim is denied because you still have legal options.
  2. There is a dispute related to your permanent disability rating: If your permanent disability rate is on the lower side, you may not get the compensation you deserve. In many cases, claimants don’t get anything at all. Lawyers know how such claims often shape up and take steps to protect your interests.
  3. You have a preexisting health condition: If you have a preexisting injury or disease, the insurance company will obviously want to deny the claim based on that fact. The insurer may even say that your current injury is related to your previous injury. Get an attorney if you know that your health history could become a hurdle in recovering worker’s compensation benefits.
  4. You fail to get the required treatment for your injuries: If you needed surgery immediately after a work injury and didn’t have the money to pay for that, the insurance company may delay paying for the expenses. With an attorney, you can be assured of getting the treatment and medical care you deserve.
  5. You have a hearing: If your claim was denied and you need to go for a hearing, you will need an attorney. Experienced worker’s compensation lawyers have a clear understanding of how things work and can offer the advice and representation you need.

No matter how much you know about the system in Arizona or your rights as an employee, get in touch with an attorney. As long as you avoid common mistakes, you have room to recover worker’s compensation benefits. Your lawyer will also ensure the paperwork is done right with required details and documents. 

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