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It is never the case that the affairs of a deceased person are in order after death. Their wills may not be valid. It may even be the case that they do not have wills. Having substantial assets can make probate and estate administration difficult in New York. Probate and estate administration attorneys with decades of experience ensure that your inheritance is protected and the wishes of your loved ones are followed.

Do You Need to Execute Probate in Every Case?

Regardless of who his or her beneficiaries are or their wishes in a will, your loved one’s assets must be probated if they are only in the name of the individual. The petitioner, who is usually the executor of the will, must prove that the will is valid by providing affidavits from witnesses and informing the heirs that the will is being probated. A prosecutor without legal experience might find this process difficult and time-consuming. The following tasks can be handled by us by executors and heirs:

  • Putting the will into action
  • Upon the death of a person, their heirs are notified
  • Probate is the process of probating a will and collecting a will’s assets
  • It is advisable to prepare a tax return for the deceased
  • Providing assistance to creditors in obtaining payment
  • Providing clients with federal and state estate tax preparation services
  • Court documents formally and informally confirming the will were filed
  • Assets of the estate are distributed

Leaving a will for a loved one is a complex process and we aim to assist you at every step. Whenever a loved one dies, grief and loss accompany him or her. Our assistance frees up the heirs to focus on other important issues by allowing them to focus on the issues that matter to them. In addition to helping executors of wills, we can also help those who are heirs. On Staten Island, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Long Island, we represent executors, administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries.

How are the assets of a deceased person distributed in the absence of a will?

A Probate Attorney in Brooklyn should handle the estate of a deceased family member who did not leave a will if there are substantial assets. There is no will to be created in New York, so property will be distributed in accordance with the state law. There may not be any way for several family members to request an administrative hearing before the state seizes their assets. Our estate administration attorneys represent both direct beneficiaries and those who must prove kinship to inherit.

When a deceased relative left no will, but still has living kin who are closer than their first cousins, their claim must be proved through a kinship hearing. An experienced attorney will make it easier for you to cope with multiple hearings during the lengthy process. We will ensure the most efficient handling of your case with our experience handling kinship hearings.

In everything we do, the client is at the center

Fighting to recover financial assets left by a loved one can be especially traumatic for clients who have grieved the loss of a loved one. Regardless of whether your will needs probate or is uncontested, our lawyer will listen to your wishes so that he or she can better understand your wishes. Attorneys at our firm offer legal services whenever they are needed. Our firm is an executor or administrator for beneficiaries throughout New York City and Long Island.

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