Corporate Tax Consultant In UAE: A Complete Guide


If you are familiar with a country’s taxation policies, you will be able to carry out your daily business duties without hassle. Being a foreigner or a startup business investor in Dubai, it is important to understand all the taxation policies.

Here, we’ve outlined some noteworthy points regarding corporate tax accountant services sauk rapids mn in order to provide you with the best information possible. On, you can find more information.

Corporate tax UAE

Taxes that are levied on business entities or corporations’ profits or net income are direct taxes.

In January 2022, the Ministry of Finance introduced corporate tax in the UAE. It was expected that the corporate tax would take effect on 1 January 2024 or 1 July 2023, based on the business’s financial year.

Accordingly, the UAE is out to accomplish the following by implementing the corporate tax;

  1. Maintain its position as the top global business hub.
  2. In order to achieve its business strategic objectives, it must power its development.
  3. Tax practices that are harmful to the country should be eliminated.

Corporate tax consultants: how do you become one?

The first type of tax consultant is an expert who assists people in understanding the taxation system of a given country.

Our company formation experts at Vigor Business Setup will help you to find a professional tax consultant in Dubai and help you shape your taxation skills. You must be somewhat competent in corporate UAE taxation matters if you plan to invest in a business in Dubai.

Then, a Vigor business consultant can help you launch a successful business in Dubai by following all the UAE’s policies for every business set up in Dubai.

As a result, tax consultancy services in Dubai typically include tax analysis, tax preparation, tax payments, and tax return submission.

If you’re looking for career advice on how to become an effective corporate tax consultant in Dubai, here are the proven steps;

Identify the industry’s strengths and weaknesses

Being a corporate tax consultant in the UAE requires you to take this step. In order to gain detailed information about the industry, you can read books and search the internet.

Workshops and seminars related to tax consultants may also be of interest. Additionally, you can learn more about tax consulting careers by connecting with people in the field.

Bachelor’s Degrees are Worth Consideration

Your next step should be to earn a bachelor’s degree after you’ve done your research. You might consider studying accounting, finance, or economics in this case.

A bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete. Gaining knowledge and connecting with people in the tax consultancy field can be achieved by taking full-time courses in accounting, economics, or finance.

Find an internship that pays or doesn’t

An internship is a professional training experience that gives students more knowledge and experience in the field they are studying. Depending on your institution, this training can be paid or unpaid.

Aspirin tax consultants benefit from gaining experience in their accounting or finance courses. In addition, earning a CPA alongside your degree will raise your credibility as a corporate tax consultant, though it is not mandatory.


The UAE has a specialized field of corporate tax consultants. Due to the new Federal tax laws, the demand for tax consultants in Dubai will skyrocket as businesses learn the best practices to minimize their corporate tax.

Nevertheless, if you require any assistance, feel free to get in touch with us. Company formation by Vigor Business Setup is an experienced business setup company that assists investors with banking, licensing, and documentation.


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