What you need to know about selling gold jewelry


Make sure the amount of cash you receive for your gold jewelry is worth parting with a piece of jewelry that is often attached to cherished memories before you set out to sell it.

Make sure you don’t act impulsively

If you plan to sell jewelry, make sure each piece is carefully evaluated. There is often some emotional value associated with gold jewelry. You should make sure that the emotional value of the purchase is not greater than the value of the purchase. Ideally, you should buy broken jewelry, earrings with a missing pair, or outdated jewelry with no sentimental value. 

Consult an appraiser

If you plan to sell antique or intricate jewelry to a buyer that pays by weight, you should have it appraised first. It may be more profitable to sell designer or antique jewelry as a finished piece rather than the gold metal itself. Whenever you want to sell your gold, you can trust to provide you with a fair price.

Take stock of your resources

It is rare for gold jewelry to be made of pure gold. Generally, jewelry made in the United States is made of gold and other alloys and is ten-, fourteen-, or 18-karat gold. The parts of your gold that contain pure gold will be paid for when you sell them. 

Look for a buyer who is reputable

If your state requires a license to purchase gold jewelry, check with the business. Ask if a company is a member of an association requiring high ethical standards, such as Jewelers of America, to ensure they are reputable. Obtain a copy of the Better Business Bureau’s report. Check if the company has received any customer complaints related to gold jewelry sales or purchases.

Shop around

Make sure you get bids from multiple companies before settling on one. Where you sell it may have a significant impact on the offers you receive.

Ensure your safety

It is important to document and photograph your jewelry before leaving it with a potential buyer or shipping it to them. In the event of a loss, check the company’s reimbursement policy. A professional appraisal is highly recommended if the value of the item is significant.

Get a handle on gold’s price

Check out to stay up to date on gold prices. Jewelry prices listed on this site will not represent the prices you will receive. When comparing multiple offers,’s price is a good reference point.

Take a realistic approach 

It is unlikely that selling gold jewelry will make you rich for the majority of people. Nevertheless, you might be able to put some extra money in your pocket as a result. The company will only pay you for the amount of gold in your jewelry, less the refining fees they charge.

You can be confident in the advice and service you receive by visiting a Jewelers of America Member jewelry store.

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