Do Not Start A Business If You’re Doing These 5 Things


More and more people are getting disillusioned that starting a business is as easy as one, two, three. People see successful entrepreneurs on social media driving the car, house, and lifestyle that they want. When they see it, they immediately want to start the business of that entrepreneur.

But, have you ever asked yourself truthfully, are you actually ready to do what it takes to become an entrepreneur and to manage a business? If yes, don’t start your business yet until you read these five things you should avoid before getting started. 

1) Don’t Start A Business Unless You Can Focus

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, two of the wealthiest people of all time were both asked: “What is the number one thing that you attribute to your success?”. Both of them said the word focus.

Without focus, you become the pinball of life, getting bounced around in every direction without actually choosing it yourself. So, when you’re thinking of starting a business, do your due diligence, understand what your particular skillsets are. 

Then, focus relentlessly on the business you chose. Don’t get distracted by the next best thing; choose one thing and focus on it until you get the results you want.

2) Don’t Start A Business You Don’t Understand

In starting a business, you want to ask yourself if you’re starting this for the right reasons or if you’re just following some fad. Because the truth is, in any industry, you need to understand it first before you can make money in that industry.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you want to go and open a bar; essentially, there are two options. One, try and set it up and see what happens, or you can talk to pre-existing bar owners. 

Talk to bar owners who are highly successful and ask about essential aspects to grow the business. Also, talk to owners who you think are failing as you can also gather information on things you want to avoid when you finally start your bar.  Ask them what they would do better, their biggest mistakes, learn from them, and then apply it to your own experiences. 

3) Don’t Start A Business If You’re Unwilling To  Make Sacrifices

If you’re not familiar with a it’s like a helper that lets you solve scrambled words easily. Well, in business, there is little to no such tool that can magically solve your problems and give you solutions to setbacks and challenges and make your business easier. 

Building a business is hard, and growing it into a successful one is a hundred times harder. It takes a lot of sacrifices to create a successful business. There will be nights where you have to stay up because there’s more work that has to be done for the business.

There will be times when friends invite you to go to concerts or bars, and you’re going to have to choose between whether or not you are going to do that, or spend time at home working and building your business. But remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you will meet other entrepreneurs who are hustling like you. 

4) Don’t Start A Business With Lack Of Cash

Surprisingly, this tip actually comes as a shock to most people. But the truth is, almost every business has at least some expenses of some kind. People who think that they can just come in and start a business with $2.50 are going to have a bad time.

Nearly every business takes time to get off the ground. So, starting a business without enough capital or funds, you’ll eventually become desperate, which is a bad sign. When you’re desperate, you make drastic choices and short-term decisions, which is not the way to build a successful business.

5) Don’t Start A Business If You Want Free Time

If you think that starting a business is going to give you more free time, it’s not. If you’re working and building your business, there’s no 9 to 5; you have to think about it 24/7.  

Eventually, after working hard for so long, you can take time off and have that time freedom. But going in to creating a business, thinking that you’re going to become successful immediately, you’re going to have a bad time because you are going to go into it with the wrong expectations.

Building a business, especially at first, takes twenty-four hours a day’s attention to make it thrive. After months or years of infrastructure, and hiring employees, then, of course, you can have more freedom. But at first, you have to remember that you need to put your heart and soul at it; this means all your time, attention, and focus.


Everyone wants that dream lifestyle; fancy cars, traveling, and luxury items, but not everyone is willing to do the work. If you dream to be a successful entrepreneur with a million-dollar business, you need to put in the work, dedication and focus. Most importantly, keeping in mind to avoid these five don’ts will catapult your business to success at a faster rate.

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