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Some people want to improve their financial situation to get rid of debt, regain control of the budget, and even to fulfill a dream—buying a high-value asset, traveling, studying, among other interests. Are you tempted to know everything about personal loans and want to ask questions about the topic? In this material, you will understand everything about this type of credit, from its concept to the benefits and steps to get it. Follow up!

How To Get A Personal Loan?

Some companies request the CPF at the time of application, but it is common for them to accept the number present in the RG or the National Driver’s License. In addition, in specific cases, other official records with a photo may be requested, such as the work card, the documents of agencies (national or regional), the proof of residence, and the passport (in the case of foreigners).

With the “paperwork” in hand, the institution will carry out the applicant’s credit analysis. It evaluates the data and documents to decide whether the offer of credit will be granted, how much the person can pay, and the calculation of the most appropriate interest rate in case of approval. Each company has its methods for defining these criteria.

To enter the business, you need to be 18 years old and have all the necessary documentation. In addition, any professional can apply for a personal loan—both public and private employees and self-employed workers.

About Proof Of Income

Most agencies accept the bank account or savings account as proof of income to grant the loan. The analysis is carried out to determine if there is enough cash inflow to pay off the personal credit installments.

For those who are retired and already have payroll-deductible loans contracted, the INSS benefit statement can be used for proof purposes. In this case, the evaluation is carried out based on the margin that can be taken, which is, at most, 35% of the benefit.

What did you think of this guide on a personal loan lender? We hope this material has helped you understand a little more about how this feature works.

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