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The following are Zaki Ameer’s reviews and his DDP Property company based in Australia. As there appear to be some internet concerns about their real estate mentorship services, I’d like to be honest with you about their services.

My blog began many years ago when I was an Australian. In order to provide customers with accurate and independent information, I built this platform. Therefore, there won’t be any sweeteners or negatives. Despite my positive outlook, I recognize deception when I see it.

As a fellow investor, I have found that the returns on property investments are rather low. I therefore resolved to devise a better method for increasing assets’ returns. The plan worked! Hundreds of Australians have gained valuable knowledge from my free online course. The next few minutes will be devoted to further explanation. You can find more information at smh.com.au.


The friendship I have with Zaki goes back a very long way. Before he became a well-known figure online, Nathan Birch had been one of my followers for a few years. His portfolio consisted of a variety of properties before he acquired them. It was long ago.

During his lifetime, Zaki led an honorable life. The real estate investment and real estate development fields knew him well, and he had a large fan base. I had also discovered some promising results prior to this. A go-getter character shines through in everything he does, and he brings an immigrant mindset to the table.

A short while later, Zaki Ameer received some bad news. There were hundreds of people owed money by the government, and some never got anything back. A Current Affair’s program featuring Zaki made me sit up in my chair, despite not being a fan of journalism generally.

A digital asset’s creation process

The use of digital materials is my preference. With low customer confidence in the Australian housing market, I’ve found it’s a better place to generate cash flow. Your plan needs to be reconsidered right now, in my opinion.

It appears that Dream Design Do has a sound approach in general. It all comes down to a small amount of money. It is challenging to leave your job after three or two years, but many people wish to do so. My discovery, however, was that there was a better way! Investing in property in Australia has already made sense for investors.

As a result of my inspiration, many people have tried new adventures. Here’s your chance to learn everything you need to know about free online courses. There have been a lot of sign-ups from Australia and New Zealand, and it’s a very user-friendly site. It is necessary to enter your email address in order to access the four modules, and we will keep your email address confidential.


There is no doubt Dream Design Do is an excellent company, but its reputation needs to be enhanced.

As a percentage, a property mentoring firm should receive fewer complaints than there have been filed. The journey of a corporation of this size is bound to be filled with small challenges. There is almost no way to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Are you satisfied with Zaki’s performance? On the basis of the information provided, I would suggest drawing your own conclusions. It isn’t just the happy people that are miserable; there are also dozens who are miserable.




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