Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney with Extensive Trial Experience


Although a simple search on Google will help you find several personal injury attorneys, you don’t want to pick just any lawyer you can find online. Indeed, there are criteria you must take into account when choosing an injury lawyer. Lawyers have an area of law they focus on. These lawyers are familiar with the processes involved in resolving a certain kind of case. You want to choose a lawyer who has represented a lot of clients with the same case as yours. While you can find several personal injury attorneys out there, you also want one who had successfully helped clients get fair settlements or court award. The following are tips that can help you find the best personal injury attorney to handle your case:

Choose a Lawyer with Trial Experience

While a lot of personal injury cases get settled outside of the courtroom, others may end up in court. And even if you think you have a simple case, it can get complicated when insurance companies dispute your claim. Because of this, you want to hire Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys because they have extensive experience in trials. This way, whatever happens to your case, you can have peace of mind that it will be taken care of by an experienced professional. 

Consider the Resources they Have at Their Disposal

The best personal injury attorney to work with is associated with a law firm that has all the necessary resources to successfully fight for you and defend you against the legal team insurance companies may hire. Trials can be expensive and may require expert witnesses. You want to ensure your lawyer has the resources to help you deal with the expense and have connections with field experts who can provide statements to support or strengthen your claim. 

Consider their Specialization

When you hire an injury lawyer, choose one who handles personal injury cases, particularly the kind of accident you were involved in. For instance, if you sustained injuries after being bitten by a neighbor’s dog, hire a lawyer who has successfully sought compensation for clients who had the same experience as yours. 

Ask About their Fee Structure

A great personal injury lawyer will take your case without upfront charges. If you are like most accident victims, you probably don’t have the financial means to afford attorney’s fees. Thankfully, a lot of good lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid after they have successfully pursued compensation for you. 


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