How much does it cost to hire someone to do taxes


“How much does it cost to hire someone to do taxes?” is a frequently asked question by Americans, both working and non-working. We are constantly bombarded with ads from people wanting to hire people to help them file their Florida state and local government taxes for them. The reality is that nearly any tax accountant can find a willing taker if they look in the right places. In this brief article I will outline some of the areas in which you can hire an experienced, well-trained tax practitioner to help you.


The cost of hiring someone to do Florida state taxes varies according to the individual taxpayers’ particular situation. It is best to seek out a service that provides personalized tax planning and assistance because your specific needs will dictate the approach that you take. For example, the very wealthy may want a more aggressive strategy, while the less affluent may prefer a more passive approach. No matter what your specific financial situation, if you are trying to prepare your Florida state and local tax returns by yourself, it is extremely important that you have as much information as possible about the entire process before you begin.

You may have friends or family members who have recently employed the services of a tax professional. If they were satisfied with the service that they received it is likely that you will be as pleased with the results. If you cannot locate any personal or business references then you can always ask around at your local bank, mortgage company, or credit union for names of reputable tax preparation and filing service providers. If you are unable to find any recognizable names then you should consider asking your local or regional chamber of commerce for recommendations. If you are unable to locate any recognizable names or companies in your area then you should consider hiring a privately owned tax firm or a larger business that serves the public in general.

As you start your search for an income tax service provider you will undoubtedly come across many offers. These offers will all vary slightly from one another but there will surely be one or two offers that seem to be quite lucrative. The question that you need to ask yourself when attempting to decide which company to use is whether or not the offer that you are being offered is something that you can realistically afford. If you are working with a tight budget then you should definitely consider using a lower quality tax preparation service but you must take into consideration the quality of the service that you receive before you make any final decisions.

If you are a non-custodial parent and are trying to pay your child’s school bills or provide funds for daycare then you may want to consult with a Florida child support lawyer or family law office. A Florida child support lawyer or office can walk you through the exact steps that you need to take in order to establish and collect payments from your non-custodial parents. If you are working with a custodial parent who refuses to pay their own child support or wants to challenge the amount that you pay in Florida state income tax, then a financial institution may be willing to help. Your bank may be able to help you set up an account for the parent with whom they are collecting payments to make sure that the payments are properly sent to the custodial parent.

How much does it cost to hire someone to do taxes? The amount that you would have to pay to hire someone to do your income tax can range anywhere from three hundred fifty dollars to one thousand dollars. In most cases you will be better off hiring a Florida income tax service to do your income tax for you. Florida tax services generally charge around thirty-five dollars for each individual income tax return. For multiple individual returns, you may be charged a bit more but, for the amount of work involved and the detailed reports that you will receive on the filed return you will definitely save yourself money if you hire a professional Florida income tax service.


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