Lead Generation Tactics for Home Improvement Companies


The secret to a successful contracting company is a consistent monthly influx of exclusive home improvement leads. If you can get that under control, you’ll be able to send out more estimates, accept more suitable contracts, and generate enough cash flow to expand your staff as much as you’d like. This is obviously easier said than done. But that does not imply that it cannot be done.

Knowing who your home improvement leads are will make pursuing them easier. You can better grasp your lead’s thoughts by engaging in some brainstorming and perhaps creating some personas. Employing effective lead generation tactics will also improve your chances of bringing about better outcomes.

Here are some strategies you may use to increase lead production for your home improvement business:

Sponsoring Events

Sponsorship opportunities are critical to the success of events, and home improvement companies should consider a variety of options for their event sponsors. Sponsors play a vital role in the success of an industry event because they add value to attendees. With the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the trend toward online events, sponsors are interested in hybrid and fully online formats. 

Website Optimization & Email Marketing

If you run a home improvement business, you know that your website is essential for generating new leads. While a good website will draw new visitors, it also needs to encourage callbacks from existing customers. Customers have more faith in a company’s ability and solutions when a website has good search engine rankings and valuable content, which can ultimately increase the conversion rate.

Moreover, too many small business owners send generic email messages that do not connect with the customers’ needs and interests. This is a mistake. To increase your bathroom remodel leads generation, you should also optimize your email marketing. 

Lead management process

The most effective lead management processes for home improvement companies provide prospects with valuable content and resources. Each lead goes through various stages in the buying process. Some are ready to buy, while others aren’t quite there yet and need some final encouragement to make the final purchase. The most effective lead management processes determine the right time to contact each lead so they can experience value from the moment they first encounter your company. 

HomeGuru provided an infographic discussing more on the topic of lead generation tactics for home improvement companies. 


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