Questions that you should be prepared to answer during an Initial Consultation 


Suffering injuries due to an accident at work has been a serious matter. However, seeking an injury claim for the same could be complex at times. If you were looking forward to getting in touch with The Walthew Law Firm for discussing your claim, do not be complacent with your law firm finding needs. 

During an initial consultation, be prepared for the following questions. 

  • Are your injuries visible or invisible? 

Injuries tend to heal with time. Therefore, by the time you get in touch with an injury lawyer for discussing the claim, you might have made recovery already. As a result, it would be important for you to take photographs of your injuries immediately after the accident. Invisible or internal injuries could be proven using medical records. 

  • What kind of pain have you experienced after the accident? 

Naturally, most people would be under shock after their accident at the workplace. However, it would be imperative for them to describe their pain when the accident occurred. 

  • Was the healing process painful? 

The recovery process would be painful. Therefore, you might be required to talk to your doctor if you were not able to explain your pain. Most of the terms used for describing the different kinds of pain would be cramping, stabbing, burning, aching, shooting, throbbing, etc. 

You would also be required to describe the frequency of you experiencing the pain along with the level of pain you experienced. You would be required to provide your work injury lawyer with relevant medical reports and records. 

  • What emotions do you feel thinking about your work accident? 

You might feel frustration, humiliation, fear, anxiety, or anger. You should be able to describe what you feel about the work accident to your lawyer. 

  • What kind of activities were you unable to perform after the injuries? 

If you were unable to drive, cook, play your favorite game, swim, or any physical activity that you were competent to do before the accident, consider providing the details of it to your lawyer. It could also be inclusive of physical hobbies that you have trouble pursuing after the accident. 

  • Are you forced to change your plans due to the injuries? 

At times, people would be forced to change their plans due to their inability to perform the tasks associated with their present profession because of their injuries. If you were in the same situation, discuss it with your lawyer. It would assist the lawyer calculate the losses and prepare a strong claim against the negligent party. 


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