Set Yourself Up For Success With A Professional Investment Advisor


Nobody cares more about your money than you do, but your investment advisor sure comes close. That is, of course, if you’ve chosen one with a proven and reputable track record. 

Still, your hard-earned money, or perhaps not so hard-earned money, can be daunting to manage by yourself, especially if you’re not at all interested in financial and statistical analysis. The truth is, navigating the financial markets is not for the faint of heart, and in all honestly, unless you have an obsession with adrenaline, it should be left to a professional with years of experience behind them. Sure, put me down for a few bucks, and let’s see if I can make the tables turn, but that sort of happy-go-lucky attitude simply won’t do you any good in the major investments market. 

If you’re willing to let your life’s savings ride on a hunch, that’s great! But, if not, then your next stop should be the doorstep of Strategic Financial Intelligence. With their wealth of knowledge into the unknown corners of successful investments, you can finally cross the border from barren and lifeless to the land of milk and honey. 

What You Should Expect From A Financial Advisor.

OK, you stepped into a puddle of wealth; hooray for you! Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly happy for you, but I’m more interested to see what you do with your stash of bills, given that money runs dry fairly quickly in untamed hands. 

So, how much experience do you have governing what can only be described as a fountain of funds? None, you say? Well, that’s no good. 

Might I make a suggestion? 

A wise and profitable move is to place the health and stability of your finances in the hands of an investment advisor. But, don’t act too quickly and sign on the dotted line to your demise – not all advisors have your best interests at heart. Instead, continue reading as we discuss fundamental attributes and services you should expect from your counsel:

Expectation #1: The pitch. Your financial advisor works for you; remember that. So, they should provide you with their value proposition, investment process, and how they get paid. Anyone who dodges this phase should be tossed into the ‘not interested’ pile. In addition, they should provide an investment policy statement with parameters detailing your account’s investments and how they plan to measure the performance and risk of your portfolio. 

Expectation #2: Their expertise should equate to more than investments. A well-versed financial advisor won’t rely on their investment process alone to grow their client’s portfolio. Instead, they should take into account your entire financial well-being: your ability to save, your current economic situation, and your future financial needs. For instance, do you plan to have a family? If so, how can your investments today ensure financial stability in the years to come? Of course, some advisors choose to stay within their specialty – each to their own; but when you find an advisor who pursues innovative solutions to save you money, that’s when you’ve reached the summit of successful investing. 

Expectation #3: Sow the seeds of valuable knowledge. Your advisor should provide feedback on your portfolio in a way that you will understand: not everyone is overly keen to learn deep stock analysis methods on their time off! Instead, their aim should be to equip you with valuable tools and insights into how to safeguard your financial stability and provide holistic guidance that builds your confidence, understanding, and loyalty. 

It all boils down to one simple rule: find an advisor who is actually interested in helping clients like you. Don’t settle for counsel that continuously puts your needs on the back burner. Instead, trust in an investment advisor that amplifies the importance of responsible stewardship, client education, and has a passion for innovative solutions to your financial needs. 

Get in touch with Strategic Financial Intelligence today for an investment advisor who puts your needs first.

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