What business should know about Intema due diligence and best way to invest in startups


Discover the best AI startups with the Intema team and lower venture funding risks of aspiring teams.

Intema helps not only getting funding for startups, but also provides consulting services for top AI investors and corporations. Our top-notch experts conduct due diligence and differentiate good AI candidates for investment from bad ones.

Sometimes large companies intend to invest in startups for equity, but they don’t know how to make the right choice. Intema experts can consult and advise you which computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning companies to invest in.  

World level experts in deep-tech and product growth (ex. and current PayPal, Shazam, Facebook, Google for Startup, 500Startup mentors, etc.) diagnose companies from different angles. After that they give a professional review of business, product and technical competencies of the team, so you can be sure that you choose the best AI companies to invest in.

Upon completion of all stages of a comprehensive check of the commercial attractiveness of the startup you will get a report. It allows investors of corporations to draw conclusions and evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of the analyzed cooperation, so necessary for subsequent solutions.

Why do you need due diligence?

Due Diligence is necessary for any entrepreneur who intends to invest in another business directly or indirectly. Intema due diligence reduces the risks of losing  capital due to deep experts’ selection of aspiring teams and acceleration programs for AI-startups.

This service helps to minimize the risks of acquiring an illiquid asset and to find out about problems in advance, reduce the cost of such an asset or refuse to purchase. In particular, a potential investor will learn about:

  •     the real value of the startup and technology;
  •     the presence of debts and other obligations to third parties;
  •     problems in the organizational structure;
  •     judicial disputes of the company;
  •     risks of declaring a company bankrupt;
  •     the possibility of loss of property rights;
  • possible corporate conflicts;
  •     political and administrative risks etc.

Moreover, with the support of Intema experts, you are more likely to discover new unicorns and become one of the most successful venture investors.

What do Intema services include?

With Intema support you will reveal potential world leaders and become the strongest venture capitalist for startups. We provide a full package service for venture capitalist funds and corporations. It includes:

  •     the choice of innovations or startups, which will benefit the business,
  • scouting,
  • diagnostics,
  •       support of the working process with innovations until piloting them on the fast track and getting business cases.

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