What is a Community Cloud?


Cloud computing is crucial in any industry. It is divided into several types, among which there are public and private ones. Between these two types, there is the community cloud. Thanks to its use, different organizations do not need to look for many platforms to work on, since everything can be done in just one application. Its main purpose is providing to the client the access to a project and work on it together with a common effort.

So, community cloud is an infrastructure that helps to overcome the organizational challenges by integrating services. This is what Salesforce, an application for companies and organizations, is doing. It provides support during the communication with consumers and employees. The cloud allows companies to share data privately with specific users. 

  • Features of the clients portal or what are Salesforce communities

The Salesforce portal provides to members an online support for a variety of problems and queries. It is a powerful builder that allows to sign up new customers and expand the affiliate network. Learn more about the community by visiting

This platform, whose primary goal is the audience satisfaction, provides consistently positive results. It helps to manage an ever-growing number of new product features and extract useful skills from it. The main features of the online portal are as follows:

  • valuable experience for the creation and further development of client communities;
  • extensive knowledge for transferring data from other portals to the cloud;
  • unique components for thousands variations of communities.

There are many ways to use this infrastructure. Many structures need a special system safe and easy to use. It makes easy to communicate between different users who are involved in the same project. Furthermore, it will not be necessary to maintain separate servers for each client.

Many agencies may need applications providing a high level of security. A public cloud is definitely not the way to go.

  • Community portals products

Communities provide powerful additional features that make them more valuable to users. They are ready to use and easy to install. These add-ons will noticeably expand the features and provide a positive impact on the business.

The online platforms from Advanced Communities will create the best components for structure development and customer interaction. Many of them are available for free and during their use, it is easy to increase the user engagement and the overall productivity. 

  • Differences and benefits of communities

The cloud provides a number of advantages for organizations of the community, which are provided both collectively and individually. This is especially necessary for businesses that use cost-effective cloud portals to work together on a project. The major benefits are:

  • openness;
  • flexibility;
  • scalability;
  • high availability;
  • reliability;
  • security;
  • control;
  • environmental sustainability.

Talking more in detail about the listed characteristics, a community cloud is considered as an open system that overcomes the dependence of firms on cloud service providers. The interoperability between each client is ensured, allowing them to modify properties according to the application features.

A reliable data protection is guaranteed. In addition, different levels of security can be configured. Firms, that use a single platform to meet all the necessities, do not need to invest in separate cloud facilities, bringing then a positive impact for the environmental sustainability.


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