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The problem

Many times there are deserving candidates who do not end up getting a good job. Why does this happen? Are they not worthy of getting good opportunities in the market? This usually happens because they do not have connections with the right people. This entire concept of not getting the right job can be solved by the deserving candidates by going to the hiring event.

The solution

Online Career platform or hiring event!

What are they?

Online career platforms could be considered for providing a connecting link between job seekers and employers. They give suggestions, perform events and give the customers permission to design interviews or recruiting events for knowing the best employees a company could get.

The only advantage of these platforms is they are virtual, which means people seeking a job from different places can attend these interviews without the cost of traveling to some other site.

What are virtual career fair platforms? 

Virtual career fairs are knowledge fairs where people can go and attend exhibitions, informative presentations, webinars, and hiring events or interviews of their interest, virtually from their desktops or mobile phones. These virtual fairs help them find jobs on hiring events and reduce the stress of researching the internet.

As the thing is virtual, people looking for jobs could uninterruptedly concentrate on presenting themselves in the interviews.

What should one do to attend a virtual career fair?

  • Dressing up perfectly to impress
  • Appear on time
  • Choice of a decent background
  • Usage of good body language
  • Focused and visually engaged
  • Confidence in speech
  • Ready to chat
  • Try taking notes
  • Get the contact information of the organizers
  • The cast of a wide net

Virtual career fairs or virtual hiring events have a higher participation rate than personal recruiting events. Around 70% of candidates prefer to attend virtual interviews rather than in-person events. Hiring events online tend to attract higher-quality candidates.

How to start a virtual career fair?

  • Spending time on the event portal
  • Checking the technology available before the fair
  • Planning the day
  • Drafting of the evaluator pitch to the employers
  • Putting on a correct of a career fair
  • Maintaining high standards of written communications

Advantages of virtual hiring events

  • Speeding up the recruitment process.

When there is a launch of a new business or expansion of a team, immediate replacement or addition of staff is needed—at that time, writing job specifications, sending adverts, waiting for candidates to come, and at last organizing and conducting interviews results in a tiring process of months.

But with online hiring events or video interviews, time, effort, and money is saved. Companies can find suitable candidates and interview them as soon as they like their portfolio.

Top talents slip on quickly in today’s competitive world, but these virtual interviews help catch them on time. The waste of effort informing the candidates who don’t show up in the interview is also prevented.

  • Better hiring decisions.

As a business owner, there always remains a shortage of time. In that tight period interviewing tons of potential candidates is tiring, and in effect, you might outscore some recruitments and miss some best employees in that. With virtual hiring, you might interview every candidate that applies, which will help you make a better decision. Hiring anyone based on their CV is not a fair decision; someone who is excellent on paper might not be that good in person. Having the opportunity to interview every candidate and giving them time to answer the questions and justify themselves as suitable for the post will provide the company a better impression among applicants and improve the quality of hire.

  • Access to a broader range of talents.

In some industries, a shortage of skill means the extra effort of employers on training and development or even adjusting with staff not fit for the post. But if you can get well-qualified teams without any differences? As the online interview goes with the same rules and regulations for all who apply. So choosing the best ones without any discrimination is possible.

  • Improving candidate’s experience

Suppose a candidate has to wait weeks to get any response or feedback from the company. In that case, he or she might vent his or her frustration among friends or social media, resulting in damage to the company’s reputation.

If those candidates become your customer also, then handling them will be easier.

Using these recruitment sites and software for online interviews will put the business in the limelight and cast a positive impression.

Final note

Witnessing the benefits of online hiring events is possible only when you try it yourself.

Embracing the new technologies will help an individual to grow. Hiring events is the new way to go ahead and create more and more opportunities for you on your own.

Beulah Kshlerin

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