Choosing The Best Merchant Services In California – Everything You Should Know About


If you are a business looking for safe accepting of credit and debit cards, then merchant services phoenix az is the best place to start. Having the business operating in a modern and competitive world, it is necessary for every owner to accept electronic payments from the customers.

 Thinking why should you? Because, your contemporary customers have more choices to pick from. The world is moving towards cashless payments and more digitization. A merchant account service is the right boat to sail on for such businesses who want to reach the success path.

The drastic changes in the industry 

Gone are those days where the society majorly relied on cash payments. We are witnessing an increasing use of card payments and hence the businesses should keep up this trend. Whether you own a traditional brick and mortar store or run an ecommerce business, you should have the potential to accept credit card payments easily. 

Moreover, cashless ecommerce is on the rise and hence choosing the merchant services in California becomes one of the crucial business decisions for you as an aspiring owner expecting a significant growth. It is a fast paced business world and here a merchant account makes all those differences. Hiring the appropriate services for your business ensures that you deliver the best payment options for your valuable customers and great support for your business. By having your unique merchant account, it becomes easier to boost up the sales and revenue of your business.

What’s a merchant account service?

Merchant account services in California are the providers who have the right tools for the businesses to accept credit and debit card processing. These third party service providers help businesses to accept various payment methods and essentially these processing comprises three stages, of which are listed are below:

  • Authorization
  • Collection of fund from the receiver
  •  Payment to the merchant

As a business owner, you will be looking for every best opportunity that lets you grow your sales and influence the visitors to make repeated visits.  One of the best ways to achieve that is to facilitate the customers with the mode of payment they wished to pay with. 

Most merchant services in California intended to offer the merchants with flexible, innovative and reliable payment processing solutions which often form the heart of a bestselling system. For those businesses wishing to prosper in their niche, it is the essential aspect to hire the services of a merchant account provider. This merchant account which is a kind of bank account for your business allows you to accept credit or debit cards. It just interconnects the bank and the business with a payment processor. The merchant account will be processed with the receipt of payment after the transaction is completed.

Accepting all the major credit cards is becoming the need of the hour for every business that operates in the modern environment.  Merchant Services in California allow the businesses to process payments in all the ways possible and of course you need to boost up the chances of sales growth that includes through website, in store, via mobile, or by phone. Do you like to take the transformation from conventional countertop terminal to seamless and rich customer experience delivering payment processing solutions? Merchant Services in California is the way to go on.

Choosing the right merchant services for your business – ways to get the best

So, have you taken the decision to set up the merchant services for your business?  It is fabulous that you are on the board to nurture the business growth and sales. However, the effectiveness of your decision lies in picking the appropriate services. Else, you will end up paying high fees and rates or have to push to a situation where you get a solution that is not fit to your business needs.

So, how to make the choice of Merchant Services in California without making any major blunders? Here are the tips for you.

Consider your business needs

What do you really need from your businesses? Probably the right answers for this question can make the appropriate initial steps that take you to the merchant services that suit your business. Always put in the efforts to pick the service/system/provider that could help your business to grow. If you are just starting out the business, then your requirements may differ from an established business and hence you need to dig a little to find the right Merchant Services in California. There are some questions which should be asked by you when it comes to choosing a merchant service. 

  • What type of industry does my business belong to?
  •  Is it a retail store?
  •  Is it a high risk business involving chargeback often?
  • What’s the size of my business? (Remember the requirements for small, medium sized and large businesses are almost different from each other.)
  • Are you running a traditional brick and mortar store or selling online?

Try to find answers for all the above questions. It is worth the effort to do the research. Without any doubt, the right answers can help in making the right decision towards the best Merchant Services in California.

Look for the fees structure

As you know well, if your business starts accepting credit card payments from the customers, it is common that you are liable to pay a certain amount of fees for each credit card that you accept from the customers for the payment. Though the costs are unavoidable and mostly you have expected the core thing to be considered is that the pricing policies are more flexible, suited for your business and most importantly don’t make your burden with hidden charges.

It is good to know about the various costs involved in the fees structuring of MAP. Developing knowledge on that helps in making the wise choice of Merchant Services in California.

  • Merchant Service Fee- In general merchant service providers charge a price per transaction. It can be either fixed or flat or a combination of both. However, it is good to go with the choice of a merchant account service who offers flat rates. Since this will help you to easily predict the costs associated with it, it is beneficial for you, especially if you are a small business owner.
  • Terminal hiring cost – This is the cost of a PDQ (link) machine. This is a common charge that you have to pay monthly. If you have signed for a long contract term, then you can expect cheaper monthly payments. However, you should look with the Merchant Services in California that you choose to levy any early termination charges in cases you leave the contract prior to the actual end date.
  • Interchange fee – It is the fee that will be charged by the bank of the cardholder for processing the card payment.  Typically an interchange fee includes cardholder services, processing costs, reward schemes, and fraud protection. It is a variable cost fee that differs based on the transaction type, card type, industry to which the merchant belongs and the processing environment pertaining to the transaction.
  • Set up fees – This is a kind of fixed fee that is charged for the cost of application by some Merchant Services in California
  • Payment processor fees – This is the fee which the merchant will pay for the use of the product – credit card processor. In general, this fee will be charged per transaction, and in monthly fees.

Pay attention to the customer care service

Besides looking for a perfect solution for Merchant Services in California, it is also important to hire the providers who are really comfortable to work with. It is quite normal for any business to have some concerns related to the services they have hired. So, in those situations whenever you make a call to the service provider, they should be capable of providing prompt and satisfying experiences and solutions.

When you are in trouble, the customer care team should be able to get connected. There should be various modes of communication such as phone calls, email and online chat. Your business will be your top priority; hence it shouldn’t be interrupted due to the poor support from the team. You should consider the Merchant Services in California who treat your business as important for the raised concerns just like you.

Check for the reputation of the provider in the niche

Although you should care for the fees and charges that are associated with the merchant services, still it is more important to check for their reputation in the industry. It is very essential that the Merchant Services in California you hire should be able to enhance your brand image and business operations. It is necessary to ensure that the provider should be PCI compliant and adheres to the best practices. This assures that the customer’s credit card data is stored and retrieved in the protected manner.

If something falls in the security of the information or hacking of any confidential information occurs, the entire blame will be carried by your brand. Hence pay care to the reputation and credibility of the provider before you hire.

Quick payment processing and collection

The best provider is the one who has the potential of offering services beyond giving the credit card processing or a terminal set up. The ultimate goal of any business is to get a deal of sales and earn money. So, it is important that you choose the Merchant Services in California who can help in getting fast payment processing and increase your cash flow via payment collection tools. 

You shouldn’t be prone to long follow-ups, put on the effort to create invoices, or huge amount of time for the receiving of payment. Better payment collection tools are beneficial for both the businesses as well as the customers. You should have the advantage of less time processing for payment and your customers should enjoy the easy transactions. 

Focus on Payment development security

PCI Compliance or The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a procedure of set of requirements that facilitates the payment account data security. Though online payment processing has taken the virtual business world to the next level, it also carries the risk of fraudulent activities and data breaches. So it is good to pick the Merchant Services in California who can safeguard your   business, brand reputation, data of customers and thus reducing the compliance measures.

The payment system should be well-protected against malicious activities of hackers, enhanced safety assurance with frequent update of anti-virus software, included with anti-spyware programs, and other necessary anti-malware solutions. The application should be void of any bugs and vulnerabilities. Else it may open the possibilities to stealing or theft of confidential information of cardholders. Merchant Services in California should offer you the highest possible protection for effective vulnerability management.

Flexible payment solutions for your competitive edge

It is normal expectation for the business owners not to get into a contract that locks them out and leads to some kind of disadvantages. So if you are going to consider Merchant Services in California for your business, don’t forget to take into consideration the possibilities of greater flexibility in the service and let you have the facility of changing the contract period and product requirements as your business changes. 

Moreover, the stage at which your business stands now is not the one at a later period of time. You will definitely enter into growth phases and so will be the need for change in the payment processing. Hence prefer the provider who can support your business growth and expand your wings by offering the facility of accepting international payment gateway. After all, you always wanted to take the business in various directions of growth for tomorrow.

Moving forward with the best Merchant Services in California

As a business growth conscious person, you should make the wise choice when it comes to picking the right merchant services. It needs a little more diligence and home work, so that your choice wouldn’t go wrong. Understanding on how to select the right merchant service provider will help you in finding the cost-effective, efficient and revenue-driving option for your business.


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