Why Do you Need Solvent Trap Cups?


Every firearm owner knows the importance of firearm maintenance to keep the integrity and safety of the firearm.  Firearms require thorough cleaning and care so that the next time you use them, they will function accordingly.

The Importance of Cleaning Firearms

A firearm enthusiast keeps in mind that regardless of the type he owns, safety is first. Over time, unburnt powder, dirt, and small fragments can build up as you use the firearm. It might cause a blockage or jam that can be unsafe for the people around you. 

For these reasons, regular cleaning and maintenance are vital to keeping a firearm in its suitable condition, and a solvent trap cup can come in handy.

What are solvent trap cups?

A solvent trap cup is essential in firearm maintenance. It is a cleaning system that catches the cleaning solvent to prevent a mess. Solvent traps have cups that are also called dividers. This is where the by-product of the cleaning process are trapped.  A firearm solvent trap is usually made of steel, titanium, or aluminum. 

You may wonder why there is a need for a solvent trap cup when you can clean without using it. A firearm may look good outside, but it also has to look good inside – meaning it should function well and good, or else it can be a ticking bomb that can cause unnecessary harm. Aside from polishing the outer part, the inside part has to be cleaned regularly, and it goes deep inside, hence the need for using a trap cup.

Solvent Trap Kit Parts

A solvent trap cup keeps the fluid inside to avoid leaking out. There are other kinds where you can snap them together, while there is another kind where there’s a thread. The threaded type is preferred because the fluids are tightly sealed and have fewer chances of leaking out. You will also notice that the modern traps are made of titanium or aluminum. There is also an end cup that prevents the fluids from backflowing.

What are the advantages of using a solvent trap cup?

Cleaning and maintenance

As we have previously established, a solvent trap cup is convenient in cleaning and maintaining a firearm. Neglecting to clean one might lead to damage and malfunction, putting other people in danger. Cleaning the firearm with a piece of cloth is the traditional way of doing it. But using a solvent trap cup will let you clean the firearm easier and better. 

Longer firearm life 

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your firearm because it will not easily rust and get damaged. The use of solvent trap cups can prevent the firearm from rusting. 


A solvent trap cup can maintain your firearm’s accuracy, decreasing when you do not regularly clean it. 

There are several solvent trap cups in the market today. Choose high-quality trap cups such as those that has to offer. You can never go wrong with them. If you need any help, they are delighted to assist you in finding the best solvent trap cup.

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