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For decades, people have used passwords to protect their accounts against cybercriminals. However, passwords as a form of authentication require users to create and memorize complex amalgams of cases, letters, numbers, and symbols for stronger login credentials. It also forces users to change them frequently and try not to reuse them across multiple accounts. 

But people’s desire to efficiently sign on to digital tools leads them to reuse the same password on different platforms. This weak authentication practice is among the leading causes of security breaches. 

Consequently, because of hacking-related data breaches involving passwords, enterprises operating in today’s digital world seek to replace these knowledge-based authentication credentials with modern login solutions that provide a faster and more secure means of authentication. 

Authentication credentials such as possession factors (something the user has, usually a security token or a cryptographic key on their devices) and inherence factors (something the user is, generally their biometric data) are considered ideal password replacements. 

Moreover, organizations implement passwordless authentication solutions that comply with FIDO 2.0 standards for more robust authentication.  FIDO2 login credentials leverage mobile devices for simpler, stronger, and more convenient login.

Because FIDO login credentials are unique, they are less susceptible to theft. These cryptographic login credentials cannot be easily stolen or shared with other individuals and require a second factor, such as facial biometric authentication, to be unlocked. 

Advances in authentication and security technologies allow organizations to eliminate password-related issues and protect the security of their operations while catering to customer needs. For more information on the different advantages of passwordless authentication or login, see this infographic from Ipsidy. 

Beulah Kshlerin

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