Got Pulled Over For DUI? Know What You Can Do


Imagine coming out of a bar after a great night, heading home in your car, and you see police flashing at you and asking you to pull over. This can be a very panicking situation. You may feel anxious in such cases. But do not worry; in this post, we will tell you what to do while being pulled over for DUI(driving under the influence). 

In such a situation, the golden rule to be followed is- talk less and do less!

When you get pulled over for DUI, the police officer may take you to the police station for a test. In such cases, the Galveston, TX law office of Tad Nelson & Associates can be instrumental in helping you avoid severe consequences. 

Below are some tips you can follow if you get pulled over for DUI:

  • Be ready and extra-cautious: If you see a police car approaching and signaling you to pull over, get ready to roll down your window, keep your license ready along with car papers, insurance, and all other documents they can ask for. Make sure you don’t talk much, as the smell of alcohol from your mouth can get you in trouble. Along with your license and registration papers, make sure to pull over in a safe place and not pull over in a hurry or in a wrong way. As the officer has already seen something wrong in your driving and has signaled you to pull over, so here you have to be extra-cautious. 
  • Avoid conversation with the officer: No police officer can legally demand you to have a conversation with them; they ask for your license or registration papers. Try to avoid eye contact and a chat with the police officer. After alcohol consumption or intoxication of any drug can get your speech slurred and your eyes red. It is best to avoid it. 
  • Be polite: Being respectful towards the officer can reduce your chances of being arrested. Being rude can anger or irritate the officer, and then they can try to get you convicted for DUI or lookout for any possible reasons. Try to be friendly and polite. 
  • Avoid any field sobriety test: saying yes to a test and thinking that you can overcome the test, can get you in trouble. Avoiding a test can make the officer suspicious, and you can have your license suspended. After this, you have to go to the police station and take a test. This test has options, either a blood test or a breath test. Lawyers advise going for a breath test as these are unreliable and can be easily attacked in court. 

Following these tips can help you avoid situations that could be troubling. If you get stuck in such cases, contact a lawyer before speaking anything or taking any step. 

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