Private Capital Group Kuldeep: The Battle Between Retail Investors’ Unity and Institutional Channels

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Deep in the forest, unaware, the bright moon shines upon us. Hello friends, I am your trader, Kuldeep from the private capital group “BDS Team.”

With new friends joining us, let me start with a brief introduction as usual. The three-year pandemic has ended, the economy is recovering, and the stock market is showing some opportunities. All capital groups are gearing up, and we aim to be the first to reap the dividends, like the dragonfly perched at the top.

I was born in the ’70s and have been trading in various global markets and instruments for nearly 20 years. I have distilled practical trading systems from my experiences in domestic and international financial markets, often training institutional traders. Over the past decade, the stock market has yielded thousand-fold returns for institutions. Of course, some of you may have heard of certain magnates achieving thousand-fold, ten thousand-fold, or even hundred thousand-fold returns over the years, which may seem unbelievable but is quite common in our circle. This involves institutional asymmetry, leverage, and the dividends of the times. However, delving into this is not very meaningful. No matter how well it is explained, seeing is believing.

A simple logic: the average daily increase in each stock is above 3%-10%. Buying today and selling tomorrow is the best proof, rather than holding for ten days or half a month due to a dip and calling it a correction. That is not a skill. The real skill is to enable quick and tangible profits. Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. I never suggest retail investors engage in value investing but prioritize short-term operations. The definition of value investing in a volatile market is highly uncertain, a concept that market makers use to mislead retail investors. Who is advocating value investing? Has value investing made you money? The answer is no. Short-term trading showcases trading skills more evidently. I will frequently share the insights behind this.

I have dreams of realizing my life’s value. I have always been low-key in the industry, not seeking high profiles at this moment, and choose to communicate with retail investors in small areas for intrinsic and extrinsic reasons. At forty, I am no longer perplexed and at fifty, I understand my destiny. Having passed the age of confusion, it marks a turning point in my personal introspection. After twenty years of cooperation with professional institutions, my career is already routine without many challenges. Seeing retail investors getting harvested wave after wave by listed companies, major players, and even national teams, especially foreign capital disguised in national outfits, feels like watching a flock of sheep rushing blindly toward a cliff without being able to stop them, which always makes me inexplicably anxious.

Just like in the story, private equity magnate Vikram Singh joined the capital circle to harvest retail investors with ease, eventually feeling remorse and retreating from the limelight. This is a real character, a wise one, but he still didn’t find the way to save retail investors. Perhaps at that time, the resistance was due to the policy background. So, what is the “way to save retail investors”? This is what I, Kuldeep, seek in my destined year—a meaning of life. Now, economic recovery is urgent, and measures to reduce the wealth gap and establish common prosperity will become more frequent. I, Kuldeep, have formed my century-old private capital group “BDS Team” with a model combining “securities institutions + professional analyst team + retail investor aggregation,” hoping to help retail investors. Helping others is helping oneself.

In early 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the entire nation was living in hardship. I planned to establish a communication bond with retail investors and unite capital to counteract the major players, enabling retail investors to benefit. Initially, I was just a customer of BEST DEAL CAPITAL, an investor like everyone else. Due to outstanding performance, I was invited to become a star follower, allowing other retail investors to automatically follow my trading plans. I suddenly realized that this might be the opportunity to find a way to save retail investors—the trigger for forming my private capital group based on “fan economy.” I decided to treat it as a career. When the aggregation of retail investors reaches a certain level, we will establish a joint-stock private equity company, allowing every retail investor to participate, acquire company shares, and create a lifelong career.

Some new friends might ask, “Are you a saint? Are you just helping everyone for sentiment’s sake? What’s in it for you?”

Of course not. I have a team to support, and each team member has a family behind them. There’s no need to hide this. Mutual benefit is the essence! Group exchanges, guidance materials, and sharing are all free. Only when friends follow my golden stocks and make a profit will my team take 40% of your earnings as commission. With me handling the trades, you have nothing to worry about. My analyst team comprises elites who understand institutional operations’ underlying rules and techniques. Our confidential golden stocks yield an average daily gain of over 3%-10%, with a monthly stock gain of over 60%-120%. In one to two months, your stock market funds can double. Stay tuned. Currently, we are following the “fan economy” route, laying the groundwork for establishing a joint-stock private equity company and hoping to identify talents for our private capital group composed of retail investors.

Retail investors are often unaware of the stock market’s essence. Why do retail investors keep losing money? Why can they only make money by joining a capital group? We need to understand the essence of stocks. In stock trading, we buy and sell stock prices, and various theories and strategies developed from price research are mere appearances. The deeper the retail investors get, the more they lose. The rise and fall of prices may represent countless factors, but the direct factor is capital. Prices follow the buying and selling of funds. Some might say, “I also buy and sell, so why doesn’t it affect stock prices?” Because your capital is insufficient. The capital mentioned here refers to a collective with the same philosophy and behavior, often influencing price fluctuations. This type of capital is known as mainstream or dominant capital.

Behind the capital stands a group of people with the same attributes, known as a capital group. They have the same philosophy, knowing when to buy, when to sell, and what to buy, often determining stock price movements. This is the conclusion after thorough analysis. Therefore, retail investors uniting to become a capital group is the secret to making continuous profits in the stock market. The stock market is a battle between capital groups, with retail investors as mere background or cannon fodder. Aggregation of capital groups will become a trend, and the “institution + professional trader team + retail investor aggregation” model will lead the trend.

Uniting forces for mutual benefit and long-term success is an eternal principle. Believing in the power of unity will become a trend in the upcoming market. “The dealer selects stocks, and retail investors select dealers” is the essence of the stock market. “The stock market is ruthless, but the aggregation group has love, leading everyone to create wealth together.” True strength lies in mutual support and mutual achievement, shining together. This is a lifelong career. My analyst team solemnly promises that the monthly total gain of aggregated stocks will be over 60%. Let everyone witness it together. Time will be the best answer. I also love making friends, discussing stock market philosophy, entrepreneurship, careers, culture, poetry, traditional Chinese culture, life, individual stock analysis, etc. Stocks are like life. Feel free to message or suggest. I believe that the mutual benefit and understanding from this moment on will be the starting point to surpass other retail investors, and we will be grateful for this encounter!


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