Why you Should Join a 100 Percent Commission Real Estate Company


Real estate agents often have a very difficult time being successful.  Sometimes you work so hard to put together deals that you only get a fraction of the commission check due to brokerage fees, hidden costs, and overbroad commission splits. The key to achieving your full potential as an agent is identifying and joining your “tribe,” a group of people who will support you.

Because of this, many agents are joining a 100 percent commission real estate company, brokerage models that allow you to take home 100% of your commissions on all your deals and with zero brokerage splits! 

Brokerages typically charge you a monthly fee or yearly fee in order to provide you with services such as office space, support, training, marketing, and – if you’re working with a good brokerage – personalized marketing materials. No matter how many houses you sell a week, month, or year, it’s a flat fee that you pay. 

Then why is it that so many agents choose to work with 100% commission brokerages? Here are just a few reasons why:


100% of your commissions are what you get when you work with a 100% Commission Brokerage! So you no longer have to worry about giving a portion of each deal to the brokerage; you only have to pay a flat fee, and then you’ll be paid 100% commission!


Traditionally, brokerage firms are designed to confuse investors. To trick you into taking less than you are worth, they try to hide as much about the fees and commission splits as they can. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about that – our commission structure is simple, easy, and easy to understand. 


Traditionally, brokerages have monthly or yearly sales quotas, and their standards and restrictions force you to change who you are. Those outdated models make all of their money off of your hard work – and the brokerages think they know best for you!

The broker is not pressuring you to hit numbers or follow a certain brand when you work with a 100% commission model. The broker is not forcing you to follow a certain brand.

Increasing freedom

A 100% Commission Brokerage adds to this convenience by eliminating the restrictions associated with a traditional real estate brokerage. With a 100% Commission Brokerage, you don’t have to worry about the brokerage taking a large portion of the sales commission. 

Have you got a team of agents working for you? Or would you rather work alone? You don’t have to worry about a restrictive, big-box brokerage when you use a 100% Commission model: your business is able to be as unique as you are!


There is no increased control by the broker over you – you will have more control over your own destiny! You can control your finances, your business, and your time by using a Full Commission brokerage! 

You won’t be left out in the cold if you choose to work with a 100% brokerage; it simply means that you are empowered to make the best decision for you and your business.

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