How To Start A Photo Editing Business


Do you have experience as a photographer? Are you familiar with the use of photo editing tools? If so, you can start a business as a photo editor. If you would like to embark on this as a career, don’t despair if you don’t meet the requirements, as you can acquire these skills. Once you are ready, here is what you need to know about opening your business.

Setting Up Your Work Area

You will need a room at home that can be fully dedicated to your office. Then you must get a good quality desk and chair, as you will be seated for hours at a time. 

The two items you need most to get started are Lenovo Desktops for Photo Editing and a stable internet connection. You will receive and submit orders online. Software designed for photo editing is essential too. The best software will be layer-based

Keep some money aside for advertising. You may want to ensure that you can Skype with clients for a more professional, yet personal touch.

Consider What Services You Will Offer 

There are a lot of services that you can offer to potential clients. You can provide special packages for weddings and other events. Other possibilities are photo restoration, photoshop actions and overlays, high-end photo retouching, exposure correction, cropping, noise reduction, changing backgrounds, and contrast adjustment, to name a few. However, you do not need to advertise each one. If you are confident in your skills, you can simply indicate that you provide photo editing and related services.

Taking Care of Legalities

Form a legal entity. An LLC will separate your business and personal finances so that you are not held accountable for debt incurred by the company. Another option is ‘Doing business as’ (DBA) using your name.

Select a name for your business. Make sure that the name is not already in use and register your company. Sign up for taxes. Your options will depend on the structure you chose for your business (LLC/DBA). These steps are the same, regardless of what business you open. You can get more information on these aspects here for a small business in Canada. Check if you need any permits or licences. 

You will need to set up a bookkeeping system. There are many free online ones you can use. Additionally, it is worth having a service agreement contract signed by your clients to pursue non-payments. Another protective measure is to obtain general liability insurance.


Open a business bank account. This way you keep personal and company records apart. It also makes it easier when doing your taxes.

Establish a line of credit. If you are working from home, your overheads will be low. However, if you choose to lease business premises, you may need a loan when you start. A company credit card is the best way to spend and keep track of your budget.

Get Online

Design your company logo and create a website. You can do this yourself or hire a consultant to do it for you. Now you are ready to start advertising. Make use of social media too.

A photo editing business can bring in a good income and the work is rewarding. 

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